This documentary reports seriously and responsibly about the consequences of the use of fracking or hydraulic fracture, an extractive technique used for the exploitation of unconventional oil.

You will see in this film the consequences caused by this technique, valuable scientific reports and testimonies that form a range of experiences that materialize a compelling story about countries damage and threatened by fracking all around the world.

This is a movie made with the collaboration of many people and organizations that gave their work: images, research, translations, transcripts and contacts; selflessly and without receiving money in return.

This film was made by people committed to life and to the future of our children.

Although this film does not renounce its responsibility that the documentary genre nor the aesthetic care of an artistic work, it has been intended as a convener element for people to be informed about fracking and discuss not only about their destinies if not about the destiny of those who will follow us and are endangered by those who not take care of the essentials for life in our territories, such as water and air.

In a network of collaborations and film documents here are told the events with the entry of fracking in Argentina, the consequences of its application in the United States and the struggles of people worldwide star against this practice highly polluting extractive relate. The peasants of Pungesti, in the northeast of Romania, the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation and the first nation in New Brunswick Mikmaq in Canada, demonstration in Villeneuve-de-Berg, Department of Ardeche in France, the Githabull tribe and environmentalists in Australia, in Neuquén political organizations, union and student organizations and the Mapuche Confederation.

People, organizations, institutions and media have ceded footage for the making of this film. The Argentines interviewed Felix Herrero, Horacio Campaña, Juan Pablo Olsson and the special and invaluable participation of the musician Gustavo Cordera, artist of enormous popularity in Argentina, showing their huge commitment to the defense of life.

This shows the universal struggle for life has no boundaries and this obvious condition from the same images, fraternity and collaboration is that this film is available in Spanish and English, thereby increasing the circulation of it all around the world.

This is a film for the entire population as it is considered that fracking is not a subject only for expert people, the information gathered here is available to all in a collaborative and democratic way.

"We are all in the anti fracking battle, defending the territory, defending water, defending human life, populations separated by distance but united in defending the future for children, for grandchildren, for life itself".

With marches and setbacks fracking continues damaging, often in an irreversible way, we invite to use this page and all contacts gathered here as a tool for information and active collaboration for a world free of fracking.